Michelle Ridgway


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Michelle Ridgway Ocean Sciences Award

Goal: Establish a merit-based scholarship in Michelle's name to encourage the efforts and recognize the accomplishments of young Alaskans in Marine Sciences, Ecology, Conservation and Exploration.

Account - Michelle Ridgway Ocean Sciences Award (MROSA)
Bank - Wells Fargo
Contact - (907) 586-3324

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In Memoriam - A Tribute to Our Friend Michelle Ridgway 1963 - 2018 | Alaska Marine Conservation Council

Michelle Ridgway served on the Alaska Marine Conservation Council board of directors from 1995 to 2001. She brought tremendous integrity, energy, and warmth to our work and our family of coastal Alaskans committed to community-based conservation. Michelle gave generously to AMCC, to marine conservation overall, and to the people whose ways of life are closely intertwined with the ocean.

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   -The Ridgway family and friends.